Caprese bites – salad on a stick

The holidays are a great time to flex your entertaining muscle and try out some new recipes to bring to events. But sometimes you just need something super easy to throw together too. This is especially important when you’re a bit busy prepping for other events, ya know like when your darling child volunteers youContinue reading “Caprese bites – salad on a stick”

Balsamic sweet potato and brussels sprout roast

Who doesn’t love some delicious Brussel sprouts? Ok, so maybe a few people, but these aren’t the over-boiled Brussel sprouts that may be making you cringe. When roasted, these sprouts lose their bitterness and become quite yummy indeed. And when you add a balsamic glaze they develop a just a little sweetness too. Add aContinue reading “Balsamic sweet potato and brussels sprout roast”

Creamy vegan mashed potatoes

I love me some mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving and Christmas and…ok anytime! There’s something so comforting about the creamy texture and I love the hints of salt and garlic that make the creaminess come alive. But being vegan, I thought it would be tricky to recreate. Cashew cream to the rescue! Just a half a cup of soakedContinue reading “Creamy vegan mashed potatoes”

Warming turmeric lentil stew

The weather is trying to turn “fallish”, but it is California, so it’s taking a minute. Nonetheless, we have had a couple of chilly mornings and I’ve had a craving for a nice, warming stew full of hearty, healthy goodness. I’ve also been trying to incorporate more Turmeric into the family diet so we canContinue reading “Warming turmeric lentil stew”

Vegan banana bread – so yum!

Bananas are a staple at our house. They’re always on hand, which means sometimes we have a few get beyond the happy eating phase, lol. This time, rather than freeze them for nice cream or smoothies I wanted to try a vegan banana bread that was still relatively healthy. That’s where this beauty was born! Unlike some of myContinue reading “Vegan banana bread – so yum!”

Vegan waffles – fluffy and gluten free!

Several Christmases ago I got a waffle maker just like this one as a gift and we’ve never looked back!  Almost every Saturday I make waffles for the family. It’s become our “special breakfast day” tradition. But it’s one I don’t often participate in the eating of! I thought it was about time I try to put togetherContinue reading “Vegan waffles – fluffy and gluten free!”

Vegan creamer – fancy coffee

We love us some coffee at Free Spirited Sisters and sometimes it’s nice to have a fancy coffee with flavored creamer, but also nice to have one with simple, clean ingredients, and that’s where this vegan creamer comes in! Cashew Cream is a vegan staple and is extremely versatile. We use it as a base forContinue reading “Vegan creamer – fancy coffee”

Pumpkin spice latte – Fall is here!

In Australia, there are still those yummy crisp and cool sunny mornings, and in the States, we’re finally getting some too! And over here that means pumpkin spice latte time and the official heralding in of Fall. I remember when I first moved over here I was a little (ok, a lot) grossed out atContinue reading “Pumpkin spice latte – Fall is here!”