Rice milk – A filling plant-based option

RICE MILK TO THE RESCUE! We’ve given you a couple of plant-based milk options that you can make yourself and pretty easily too. Check out our earlier recipes for Almond milk and Oat Milk and why you should think about making the switch to plant milk here. And now, mostly because I’ve been trying my hand at making many typesContinue reading “Rice milk – A filling plant-based option”

Peanut butter granola – A high protein breakfast the kids will love

I make a wonderful slice regularly, but on one occasion I messed up a peanut butter version of the recipe and it wouldn’t stick together into bars. I didn’t want to waste it so I made it into peanut butter granola and it was decadently delicious! Wow, did my little man love it. He eats it asContinue reading “Peanut butter granola – A high protein breakfast the kids will love”

Oat milk – an easy, inexpensive option

If you’re thinking about switching to a non-dairy milk, need an alternative to nut milk, or would just like to try something new, oat milk could be a good option. Unlike nut milk, the oats don’t require soaking overnight, which makes it a speedy option when you need it in a pinch. Oats are alsoContinue reading “Oat milk – an easy, inexpensive option”

Almond Milk – make your own!

I love almond milk. I made the switch from dairy milk about four years ago and I’m never going back! I went through many different brands and varieties until I found the one I liked best. Recently, I came across a recipe in The Moon Juice Cookbook (Amanda Chantal Bacon) that made making it myself sound oh,Continue reading “Almond Milk – make your own!”

Super seeded bircher muesli

Bircher Muesli is a raw form of granola and is typically soaked in milk before eating. This is a base recipe heavy on heart-healthy seeds that you can add to or change around based on your likes and preferences. I usually add cinnamon and a little sweetener (maple syrup or stevia drops) and some choppedContinue reading “Super seeded bircher muesli”

Keep it clean! Clean eating on the go.

It’s that time of the year when many of us are (usually – hello 2020!) traveling to spend time with family, or vacationing or just running around crazy-style getting it all done! It may seem difficult to stick to clean eating while you’re on the go, especially while traveling. But the truth is, it canContinue reading “Keep it clean! Clean eating on the go.”

Kombucha – get your detox benefits and much more!

Kombucha has been around for at least 2000 years and is basically tea that has fermented with a Simulated Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). The Scoby is sometimes called a mushroom, but that is not technically correct. It sounds (and looks) gross, but the result is a nutrient-rich and delicious, slightly sweet and tangyContinue reading “Kombucha – get your detox benefits and much more!”

Plant-based milk – worth the switch?

Some of you might see that words “plant-based milk” and balk, and believe me, I get it! I used to be the person that said “milk from a plant? You can’t be serious?”. It just seemed weird and not right. Milk comes from cows….end of story. But, the fact is, there are many alternatives toContinue reading “Plant-based milk – worth the switch?”