How I almost missed Lady Gaga (in Vegas!) because of my boobs

Warning: there is a photo of a ruptured implant, post surgery, toward the bottom of the page. I’m an over-sharer and always have been, but I think in that there is authenticity and that’s what actually helps people, and helping people is what I’m all about! So, here’s my wellness story. I had breast augmentationContinue reading “How I almost missed Lady Gaga (in Vegas!) because of my boobs”

Wellness routine – why you should start one

Self-care has become a hot topic of late and for good reason. To function at capacity we need to be in our best mental, physical and spiritual state. A wellness routine can certainly help with that. Many of us struggle with putting ourselves first, but I promise when you do, everyone wins! CONSISTENCY IS KEYContinue reading “Wellness routine – why you should start one”

Finding balance – alternate nostril breathing

Alternate nostril breathing; it sounds odd, but it’s an easy and effective breathing control practice to help bring balance back to body and mind. BENEFITS: Calms the mind Helps with anxiety Brings balance to the left and right hemispheres of the brain Brings about energetic balance and a sense of relaxation HOW TO: Make theContinue reading “Finding balance – alternate nostril breathing”

Breathwork – enhance your calm

Breathwork is a type of active meditation with a focus on controlling the breath. There are many kinds of breathwork practice and classes are popping up all over the place as it becomes more mainstream. Breathwork can help calm the body, ground the mind and provide a clear path for energy flow. More in-depth practiceContinue reading “Breathwork – enhance your calm”