Gentle yoga – wrist/shoulder friendly

Join Claire for this 30-Minute Gentle Yoga practice. Gentle doesn’t necessarily mean easy, however, this practice will be focused on standing and floor poses to give the wrists and shoulders a rest. We will use them a little as we move through tabletop and lizard pose, but the majority of the practice will work onContinue reading “Gentle yoga – wrist/shoulder friendly”

Balsamic sweet potato and brussels sprout roast

Who doesn’t love some delicious Brussel sprouts? Ok, so maybe a few people, but these aren’t the over-boiled Brussel sprouts that may be making you cringe. When roasted, these sprouts lose their bitterness and become quite yummy indeed. And when you add a balsamic glaze they develop a just a little sweetness too. Add aContinue reading “Balsamic sweet potato and brussels sprout roast”