Balsamic sweet potato and brussels sprout roast

Who doesn’t love some delicious Brussel sprouts? Ok, so maybe a few people, but these aren’t the over-boiled Brussel sprouts that may be making you cringe. When roasted, these sprouts lose their bitterness and become quite yummy indeed. And when you add a balsamic glaze they develop a just a little sweetness too. Add aContinue reading “Balsamic sweet potato and brussels sprout roast”

Creamy vegan mashed potatoes

I love me some mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving and Christmas and…ok anytime! There’s something so comforting about the creamy texture and I love the hints of salt and garlic that make the creaminess come alive. But being vegan, I thought it would be tricky to recreate. Cashew cream to the rescue! Just a half a cup of soakedContinue reading “Creamy vegan mashed potatoes”

Warming turmeric lentil stew

The weather is trying to turn “fallish”, but it is California, so it’s taking a minute. Nonetheless, we have had a couple of chilly mornings and I’ve had a craving for a nice, warming stew full of hearty, healthy goodness. I’ve also been trying to incorporate more Turmeric into the family diet so we canContinue reading “Warming turmeric lentil stew”